LTAC Nurse Roles In Virginia

LTAC Nurse Roles In Virginia

What Does LTAC nurse stand for? LTAC stands for long-term acute care. Nurses in the unit take care of patients who came from intensive care units to continue their recovery. LTAC nurses are one of the highest-paid nurses since they have to handle a lot of duties and responsibilities during their shift. Long term acute care unit works as an individual institution. This is where patients that need personalized and intensive care go to recover. Covid-19 patients are kept in this institution, which is what makes LTAC nurses in demand during this pandemic time. Long-term acute care nursing jobs in Virginia are offered for nurses who want to grab opportunities to grow their careers.

Benefits Of LTAC Nurse

Higher Pay

LTAC is one of the nurse’s specializations that get paid higher. They are in demand and LTAC hospitals are willing to give an offer that nurses can’t resist which makes their pay higher. Nurses who are assigned in LTAC units are required to be trained and have knowledge in handling patients who need immediate action just in case needed. Basic Life Support (BLS) certification is a requirement for LTAC nurses and having an advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certification is a plus. Having more certifications and experience can even increase their per-hour rates. 

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Nurses on LTAC units are exposed to different illnesses which increases their health risk. With this situation, nursing agencies provide them with insurance that can aid them financially just in case something unexpected happens to them. Insurance can secure the nurse and the nursing agency as well. They want to make sure that their nurses are protected. 

Opportunity to Continuously Learn 

As nurses, learning is essential especially if you are an LTAC nurse. LTAC nurses have to broaden their knowledge and skills now and then to be able to handle patients who need their assistance. Nursing agencies offer career coaching and training to their nurses. They want them to enhance their skills and be able to give a satisfying service to their clients. Boosting up their nurse’s skills can be beneficial to them too since they can be able to uphold their reputation as an agency if their nurses are well trained and knowledgeable enough to handle every situation they will face. 

What Type Of Patients Visit The LTAC Nurse?

The number of days that patients stay in an LTAC hospital averages from 25 to 30 days. Patients Who are in need of the following care are the ones that visit LTAC nurses:

Intensive Respiratory Care

Patients who have issues with respiratory care need close monitoring and they need medicine that can monitor their condition since respiratory issues can be crucial if not taken care of by proper medical staff. 

Ongoing Dialysis Due to Kidney Failure

Dialysis for patients with kidney failure should be done on a routine to avoid complications and it is part of the LTAC nurse’s duty to assist patients who need dialysis for their kidneys. 

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IV transfusions and Medications

LTAC nurses are allowed to administer IV transfusions and medications and that’s why they are assigned at LTAC hospitals to give the needed transfusion and medication to patients.

Sustained Ventilator Weaning or Use 

Part of LTAC nurses is to be able to use and wean ventilators on their patients. Patients might suddenly need ventilators and they have to be able to know how to use the equipment. 

Care for Complicated Wounds and Burns 

Patients who suffer from severe wounds and burns need time for healing that’s why they are brought to LTAC hospitals to continue recovering from their conditions. As LTAC nurses it’s part of their duty to administer care to patients in this situation. 

LTAC nurse roles in Virginia cover a lot of duties and responsibilities. They are also required to be knowledgeable and have the special skills that are needed to take care of patients who need their assistance in LTAC facilities. LTAC nurses play an important role in a patient’s recovery time, that’s why they are needed to fasten the healing of patients as well as be looked upon by a proper set of nurses who knows what has to be done during emergencies. So be an LTAC nurse and earn more plus learn more.